Our Fabrics

At House of Rome, only the finest, 100% natural fabrics are ever used to create custom made suits and garments. We use the best of the best on our Bespoke suits, although we can offer certain fabrics that include a small amount of spandex for those who prefer a slight stretch to the fit.

100% Wool – Wool is among the most well-renowned fabrics known for its durability and incredible level of quality. It’s got a characteristic elasticity to it, offering unmatched style, comfort and draping for the wearer. Wool truly is unlike any other type of fibre, and its lustre is impeccably kind to the touch.

100% Cotton – This soft, natural fibre is highly breathable, making it an ideal fabric to be used in garments of all sorts. This permeable textile offers the ultimate in comfort, which is why House of Rome includes it in our line-up of 100% natural fabrics.

100% Linen – As one of the first known textile fibres in the world, linen is incredibly absorbent and an excellent heat conductor, which helps keep the body cool even on the hottest of days. It’s smooth, glorious surface and resistance to stains are among this fabric’s most notable traits. The natural, rich look of linen makes it the perfect choice for casual wear and elegant attire alike.

100% Silk – Silk has always been one of the finest quality fabrics, allowing light to reflect at a variety of angles, giving every article of clothing made from it a natural lustre. The natural ability for silk to absorb moisture allows the fibres of the fabric to maintain their insulation properties even during the hottest days of the year.