What is a Bespoke Tailor?

In essence, a Bespoke tailor is one who creates clothing that is specially made for the customer. A Bespoke suit is the ultimate tailored garment, made by hand, from scratch. It’s specifically customized to fit the customer’s most precise measurements and physical attributes.

A bespoke tailor specializes in creating these masterpieces, which literally are as comfortable as the skin you’re in, while offering the most flattering silhouette imaginable. The customer’s experience is as enjoyable and engaging as possible, allowing full participation and input into the selection of details that will ultimately make the garment perfectly unique and one-of-a-kind.

The Bespoke tailor begins the process by taking specific measurements of the customer’s figure, making note of any special adjustments that need to be made. Once the pattern has been created, it stays with the tailor to allow for continuous refinements, as well as for the creation of any future garments.

The customer and Bespoke tailor work closely together to select the fabric, the type of lapel, the pocket style, the colour of the lining, the buttons and their placement, and where vents should be placed.

A contemporary yet classic Bespoke tailor will incorporate geometric cutting into the creation of the suit. By paying such attention to cutting the suit in a more geometric way, the suit jackets are given new dynamic. Pockets can be added in along the horizontal seam line of the suit jacket for these geometric tailored pieces. Geometric cutting actually has its roots from medieval times, where clothing was cut geometrically in order to avoid wasted fabric. The Bespoke tailor of today has kept this method intact.

The first fitting typically occurs a couple of weeks after this initial measurement. This is when the jacket is stitched loosely together. Adjustments are noted, and can be made throughout the process until the final product is ready. It takes Bespoke tailors approximately 28 hours on average to tailor a typical suit, and may warrant one or two additional fittings before the suit is complete.

There are only a few true Bespoke tailors left these days, including Antonio Matarazzo. These professionals are recognized for their handwork, creativity, and attention to detail when developing a truly tailored garment.