Our History

With nearly five decades of extensive experience in the tailoring business, House of Rome owners Irma and Antonia Matarazzo pride themselves on the exquisite attention to detail that they give to each and every piece that they work on.

With a firm understanding of the variations in the human body, as well as a keen eye to the perfect fit, Irma and Antonio are passionate about their business. They treat every garment they work on as if it were their own, taking the time and patience needed to get it right every time. They’ve truly mastered the art of the cut, ensuring that the finished product fits like a glove.

Staying true to the traditional practices of authentic Italian couturiers, Antonio has made it his mission to perfect the art of tailoring the bespoke suit. He scrupulously blends your precise measurements and taste to ensure you are nothing less than impressed with the final result.

There’s a clear distinction between the typical tailor and Antonio’s mastery of couturier. Channeling his design background from the esteemed Galleria Umberto I Cappozzoli School in Napoli, Italy, Antonio has certainly made a name for himself in the industry, and truly stands out above the rest.

Antonio starts with a firm foundation to build upon in order to achieve the perfect fit in the bespoke suit. Using top-notch fabrics, measurement precision, and vintage touches, every suit that Antonio touches certainly will stand the test of time.

Antonio and Irma invite you to experience the fine art of couturier. You’ll be sure to leave 100% satisfied.