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At House of Rome, the following services are offered to our valued customers:

Rarely will you find a suit off the rack that fits your body precisely. This is where alterations come into the picture. Alterations are an essential component to the tailoring process, and allow the tailor to cut and stitch the suit to ensure it fits every curvature of your body to a T. In fact, many will argue that spending more money on alterations compared to the garment itself is well worth the money.

Any piece in your wardrobe will look better on you when it actually fits properly. Just about any feature of the garment can be adjusted.

These tailored shirts are most commonly applied to men’s garments that are precisely measured and fitted to a person’s body. Custom dress shirts differ in manufacturing techniques from other garments. Shirts that are available off-the-rack are made in a factory using standard sizing methods, and sent to a retail store in finished condition.

On the other hand, custom made shirts use a made-to-measure method of fabrication. They’re not made in a factory, and the pattern is drawn and cut specifically for you. The biggest advantage of having a custom made shirt is the aesthetics, including the cut, size, and design. Tailor-made shirts are customized to fit your exact body measurements, and can feature traits that you request.

Rather than shopping for standard-fitting pants at a retail store, pants can be custom made to fit your exact body size, length and shape. Pants can be structured by an experienced tailor, like Antonio Matarazzo, so that they can be worn with a variety of outfits. Many customers can choose to have their pants hemmed at specific points to go with certain shoes so they are neither too short nor too long. Many times extra fabric can be left so that the hem can be let down to increase the length if necessary.

One of the biggest benefits of custom made pants is the fact that they fit much better than pants that are purchased off-the-rack. These pants are made with your precise measurements in mind, and are designed to flatter your figure and offer more comfort. They also give you the preferred fit. The material, lining, and pleating can also be varied with the majority of custom pants.

It’s pretty rare to find a suit off-the-rack that fits your body precisely. Rather than take this route, many customers choose to have their suits custom made to fit their body size and shape exactly. Custom tailoring a suit helps ensure that the suit fits exactly the way you want it to fit. This is also true for the fabric and construction of custom made suits. Tailor-made suits typically boast top-quality fabrics and longer-lasting construction.

Custom made suits give you ability to help the tailor create a suit that matches your own personal style. Just as a tailor can create a custom suit to reflect current fashion trends, he can also create one to reflect your own tastes.

Aside from suits, Antonio Matarazzo can custom make coats for both men and women to offer the exact fit and style that you desire. Using the same precise measurements and attention to detail that he uses for his tailored suits, shirts and pants, Antonio can create the perfect coat just for you, using your exact body measurements, and taste in fabric and style.
Instead of getting rid of an old suit that you no longer like, you could save yourself quite a bit of money and have it restyled to match your current tastes, as well as today’s fashion trends. This process could be especially beneficial if the suit is made out of high quality fabric.

It would be a shame to discard of an old suit made of quality fabric simply because the style does not reflect your tastes anymore. At House of Rome, you can have your old suit restyled to match your more refined style.

In addition to traditional suits and garments, House of Rome also offers custom made equestrian riding outfits. From schooling to the actual show ring, your equestrian clothing and riding apparel can be custom crafted to provide you with the ultimate in fit and comfort.

You can access the perfect breeches, show coats, shirts, casual clothing and more. Functional and fashionable equestrian riding outfits can be yours with House of Rome!

Suiting up a man by body type generally comes down to the details and patterning, as well as the specific style and fit that the individual is going for. But there are some body types that fall outside the average male proportion that most stores and tailors have a hard time accommodating.

This includes bodybuilders, who typically have a tough time finding suits off the rack that fit properly.

Luckily, House of Rome offers an ideal solution for these individuals. Many of our most satisfied customers here at House of Rome are bodybuilders, and benefit greatly from our ability and experience to tailor the perfect bespoke suit to fit their physiques.